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Kiki Cuyler Photo   Kiki Cuyler
His name "Kiki" (pronounced "kuy-kuy") was a shortened form for his last name.

Full Name: Hazen Shirley Cuyler
Physique: 5' 10", 127 lbs
Right-Handed Hitter
Born: Aug 30, 1898, Harrisville, MI
Died: Feb 11, 1950  (52 years old)
Ranking: #32 All-time ( #31    All    #33 )
career average

2,299 hits

Pirates, Cubs, and Reds
1924 - 1937

Hall of Fame: 1968

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Cynthia Lindsey
Cave Creek, Arizona
7/16/2006 7:18 am
I had never heard of KiKi Cuyler until 2 weeks ago. My neighbor wanted some computer parts I had and traded some relatively worthless sports memorabilia with me. Among the stuff was a little booklet called KiKi Cuyler's Rules on Stealing Bases and some letters written either by him or to him. Since, I've learned quite a bit about the HOFamer and found him to be a pretty interesting individual. He's well worth remembering and I'm sure I will.
Detroit, MI
3/29/05, 2:01 pm
Thanks for visiting my site dedicated to the greatest pure hitters in baseball history. I encourage everyone to write a message or comment on Kiki Cuyler in order to keep the memory of these great players alive and to let everyone experience their hitting dominance.

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